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Superglue Toilet Seat Prank Has 4-Year-Old Girl Coming Out In Tears

4-year-old girl, Kaya Langmead from Devon, England was visiting the local McDonalds with her mother, before she unwillingly became the victim of this cruel toilet seat prank.   Nicole, Kaya’s mother, let Kaya go to the bathroom alone after she wanted to use the bathroom, “like a big girl.” Shortly afterwards, Kaya came back to her mother in tears, telling her mother she had become stuck to the seat. She also added that she had seen two girls coming out of the bathroom laughing. Police said the girls responsible for this prank were aged 16-18, one has long blonde...

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McDonald's Employee Helps Feed Quadriplegic Man

When we think of McDonald’s, the first thing our mind goes to is probably the food. Now when you think of McDonald’s, maybe you should remember that it only takes one person’s kindness to change the world. Do I sound crazy? I won’t after you read this story.   Destiny Carreno shared her experience on Facebook about an employee who went above and beyond the call of duty. We want to help shine light on the good deeds in the world, and this sure is one of them.  Posted by Destiny Carreno on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Seeing this today...

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The Biggest Burger You Can Possibly Create At McDonald's

By our very nature, human beings love to test the limits. We make faster cars to see just how fast we can go. We make planes go faster, further, and higher. We make spaceships with a dream of galaxies far, far away; all while there is still so much to be done here on earth. This video is one such example. A brave and maybe borderline crazy man decided to test the limits of a McDonald’s ‘Create Your Taste’ kiosk by making an outstanding walkthrough on how to make the biggest burger possible under the Golden Arches via their...

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