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FOBO Tire Plus: Monitor Your Tire Pressure 24/7

Click here to Buy The FOBO Tire Plus is perfect for the person who never pays attention to their tires! It’s designed to monitor everything about your tires 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It connects to the corresponding smartphone app via Bluetooth, sending you real time information from morning to night. You can monitor up to 19 cars in the same app—perfect for the multi-car family! It has a two-level theft prevention system, and installation is simple—no need for professional help. You can even share the data with other drivers! Send detailed, real time information to...

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GrypMat: Keep Your Tools Secure No Matter Where You Work

Click here to Buy If you’re used to working with your hands, you know it’s a struggle to keep track of all your tools. Now there’s no more worrying about tools sliding under the car or into it. The mat can be placed on curved, angled or slippery surfaces so you’re covered no matter what you’re working on. It’s chemical resistant and is 13 inches long by 5 inches wide. The GrypMat is made from high quality polymers, so it’s non-slip and anti-static. It’s such a waste of time to fetch tools or to get a second person to...

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Boss Tells Employee To Overcharge Customers, Gets Stood Up By Him

A Reddit user recently posted this story online, after being asked if people ever quit their job in hilarious fashion.   /u/capntom described the time when he was working at a Midas garage and was told by his boss to overcharge his customers. Instead of following the ridiculous orders his higher-up ordered him to do, he decided to take a stand for himself and the customers in the waiting room.   This is what happened afterwards:           What a great job this honest mechanic did, and a lovely ending to a great story.   h/t...

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Mechanic Lends Man A Car After His Car Broke Down In Small Town

This man’s Facebook story has recently gone viral and it describes his encounter with an old mechanic at a small town shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin.   Read the story below:   Let me tell you the story of Glenn. I had to go to a funeral yesterday up by Green Bay, Wisconsin. As it was a long… Posted by Todd Steinkamp on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 This story truly shows how good people can be. People in small towns never cease to amaze...

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Gynecologist Decides To Switch Careers And Become A Mechanic, Shocks Everyone During The Practical Exam

When deciding to switch careers, you have to be sure to know everything you need to know about the career you’re switching to.   That wasn’t the case for this poor gynecologist who decided to become a mechanic.   During his practical exam for his evening classes in Auto College, this gynecologist did something completely unexpected and shocked even the instructor himself.   Read on to see the story unfold:         LOL. Did you laugh? Be sure to pass it on to your friends and family.   via The Daily...

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