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Popit: Never Miss Another Dose of Medication

Are you always forgetting to take your medication? The Popit Sense is perfect for you! It’s designed to track your medication and log it in the corresponding smartphone app automatically. Simply click the device on any pill pack, set up the smartphone app, and let the Popit system work its magic! There’s no need to input any information—it’s all communicated between the device and the app. The Popit senses when a pill has been popped using three different sensors, ensuring there are no false detections, even when a pill comes out in your pocket or purse. It only sends...

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This Is Why You Should NEVER Mix These Medications and Foods

We’re all guilty of either mixing medications or eating the wrong kinds of food with our medicines. Usually the consequences aren’t that severe—you feel a little lightheaded or you get a stomachache, but after an hour or so you’re back to normal.   But there are some foods and medications that, when taken together, can have some serious consequences. Check out the list below to see if you’re guilty of some of these common drug-food combinations.   If you take blood pressure medication, don’t eat bananas.    Eating a banana while taking blood pressure medicine can increase the amount...

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