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Timer Caps: Never Miss Another Dose of Your Medication

Available here Timer Caps are perfect for people who take medication! It’s designed to track when you open and close your pill bottle. It has a built-in sensor and an automatic stopwatch that resets to zero when you put the lid back on your bottle. It’s perfect for coordinating medications for children, elderly people, or pets, letting you know the exact moment you opened the lid. It’s also great for seeing if someone was in your pill bottle. If you need a reminder, simply download the free TimerCap smartphone app. Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement...

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Woman Regains Her Sight After Going Skydiving and Hearing a ‘Pop’

Josie Paille was only 16 when she lost the vision in one of her eyes due to a nerve disorder.   She adjusted quickly and managed to live life normally.   However, when she was older the doctors discovered that the same thing was happening in her good eye. She was going completely blind.   To help her feel better her brother took her sky diving as a final goodbye to her vision.   While a video of her jump was being filmed, she heard a pop and felt excruciating pain. The instructor told her after her jump that...

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This Major Medical Company Is Recalling Kids Winter Medicine

We usually expect our medicine to help us, but sometimes, mistakes happen during the manufacturing process and life-saving medicines can become deadly.   Rarity Pharmaceuticals, a major medicine manufacturer, is recalling three homeopathic medicines sold through the CVS generic brand, including a kids ear relief liquid and infant teething tablets.   The company launched the recall because they spotted higher than specified amounts of belladonna in its medicines. In controlled settings, this ingredient is safe and common in a lot of medicines. But outside of the legal amount, it can be extremely poisonous. Belladonna is one of the most...

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This Post Shows How Hard and Beautiful Nursing Is

Nurses see the best and worst in people. They see some people make amazing recoveries, and others take their last, painful breath. Nothing about nursing is easy—so how do they do it?   Kelsey Van Fleet, an ICU nurse, gave some insight into how stressful and exhausting her life is—and why it’s still worth it in the end.   Today I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. I’m starting my 4 day break from the ICU, after working 6 of the last 8… Posted by Kelsey Van Fleet on Thursday, September 1, 2016...

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