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Belarusian Medieval Folk Band Covers Metallica. It'll Give You Chills.

If you were to ask most people what they knew about the nation of Belarus, they have either never heard of it or will think you’re talking about Russia. However, Belarus is a tiny country to the west of Russia and its name translates to ‘White Russia’. All the country is unfortunately known for is being a dictatorship with old Soviet stylings. In truth, the country is really interesting when you explore it and discover a truly unique band from Belarus called Stary Olsa. They are a Belarusian medieval folk band. While they mostly play medieval Belarusian music from...

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Two Girls And One Harp Cover Metallica's 'One'

Some people make cover songs in an attempt to sound as close to the original as possible. Others make cover songs so unlike the original that they are almost different songs. No matter the case, a good cover is a good cover. Especially when it’s two twins simultaneously playing a single harp while covering a metal song. The harp is a beautiful instrument in its own right, but it doesn’t scream ‘metal’. However, it adds a wonderful new dimension to an amazing and popular Metallica song. If you’ve heard the original song, then you will recognize this song from...

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Badass Drumming Pug Performs Cover Of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"

It’s hard to pinpoint just exactly what ‘cool’ is, considering that nearly everyone will have their own valid opinion. Sure, we might recognize it when we see it, but no one can ever truly say it without certainty. Until now. First there was Keyboard Cat, and now we have Drum Dog. Just a few more animals playing instruments, and we have the world’s most adorable music band. How can anyone look at this and say with a straight face that it is neither cute nor cool? It’s a happy-looking pug dog wearing pink shades as it dominates a pug-sized...

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