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Seniors Get The Crowd Laughing And Cheering With Their Hilarious Dance Performance Of “Billie Jean”

You’re never too old to be young! That’s exactly what this trio of seniors proved at the Leisure World senior community center in Seal Beach, California.   When the 70+ year olds took the stage, nobody knew what to expect. They walk up on stage with their backs arced but as soon as the music turns on, they begin doing the moonwalk to “Billie Jean”!   This entertaining dance routine will be sure to brighten up your day.   Share it with your friends and...

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This Michael Jackson Cover Will Blow Your Mind

Music covers on YouTube are a dime a dozen, but I bet you haven’t seen anything like this.   YouTube singer Kawehi uploaded a video of herself covering “The Way You Make You Feel” by Michael Jackson, and while her singing voice is gorgeous, her beatboxing blows every other cover out of the water.   Kawehi used a musical instrument known as a loop to record tracks of herself beatboxing and singing the different layers, creating an a cappella backing track that takes her cover to the next level. I only wish I had her musical talent! Watch the...

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Dancing Inmates Perform Amazing Routine to Michael Jackson

The beloved dancing inmates from a detention and rehabilitation center in the Philippines, CPDRC, perform an epic routine choreographed especially for them by Michael Jackson’s This Is It choreographer and associate director, Travis Payne. The inmates gathered in a flash mob style to put on the routine, which Payne taught to them over the course of two days. They danced to “They Don’t Care About Us,” a controversial single from Jackson’s 1996 album, HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I. The dance was sponsored by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as a promotion for the This Is It DVD, and it currently...

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Playing Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' On A Barrel Organ

We didn’t know what a barrel organ was before watching this. As it turns out, a barrel organ is a mechanical instrument similar in design and construction to a pipe organ or an accordion. Using predetermined music on sheets of paper, the music is produced by turning a handle. While it was far more common in the olden days (being used by street performers and trained monkeys in the late 1800s), some working models can still be found from time to time. Patrick Mathis possesses one, but is apparently a serious Michael Jackson fan. He created the necessary paper...

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