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Owner Is Shocked When Pit Bull Runs Out To Save Neighbor Who Is Getting Beaten By Her Husband

This story shook everyone’s perception of the bully breed dogs: pit bulls. When Blitz, a pure breed pit bull, from Michigan, realized what was going on across the street, the 100-something pound canine jumped to the scene to help.   Blitz witnessed a man domestically abusing his estranged wife, beating and dragging her across the street. Just as his owner was about to go to bed, the woman screamed, “Help me!” and Blitz ran right to her attacker.   Blitz never bit the attacker but rather scared and distracted him from his wife, so that he would loosen his...

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Man Rescues Drowning Chimp From Certain Death

When visiting a zoo or animal exhibit, it is never advisable to enter an enclosure. Getting too close to a caged animal is dangerous for all involved – the animal and the human. Well, Rick Swope went against the grain and jumped in anyway – and you’ll be glad he did.   While visiting a new chimpanzee exhibit at the Detroit Zoo, Rick saw a chimp plummet into the enclosure’s water pond. The animal in question fell in after being attacked by a group of more aggressive chimps. Since chimps aren’t capable of swimming – they don’t have the...

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Courtroom Dresses Up As Disney Characters For 5 Year-Old

Going through the adoption process, I assume, is a very nerve-wracking and trying time for a little child.   The folks at Samaritas felt the same and chose to do something nice for little Danielle. Danielle is a huge Disney fan. Her adoption hearing was scheduled for June 8th, so her case worker asked a coworker to surprise her by dressing up as Cinderella. But word spread around the office fast. In total, eight employees dressed up for Danielle’s big day. The judge even got in on the fun (underneath her robes, of course). Check out the incredible gesture...

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15,000 y/o Woolly Mammoth Found In Michigan Was Likely Butchered By Humans

Everyone gets rightfully excited when seeing dinosaur fossils in a museum, but it’s also unfortunate that other fossils go unappreciated. Additionally, most of the fossils are actually recreations. That’s why palaeontologists get so excited when they find a mostly complete specimen in the field. That’s why this discovery made the news, with a large trove of woolly mammoth bones found in Lima Township, Michigan. A farmer was working on his fields when he made the accidental discovery. As the team did their work, they recovered about 20% of the skeleton and have a strong hypothesis that it was hunted...

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Friends Turn Their Backyard Into A Real Life Mario Kart Battleground

There is hardly a soul alive who hasn’t heard of or played a couple rounds of Mario Kart on whatever Nintendo platform they own or have owned. This immensely popular video game series has existed since 1992 and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide since its initial release in the 90’s. Friendships have been made and destroyed over this game, but this group of friends had decided to take their love and appreciation for it to the next level. They dress up as their favorite characters, make their own “karts,” attach some life balloons, and then grab roman...

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