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InkJet Hand Held Printer: The World’s First Fully Mobile Printer

The HandJet InkJet printer is the world’s first completely mobile printer! It can print whatever you want on virtually any surface. It uses wireless Bluetooth technology, and works for up to 300 ft. Clocking in at under two pounds, it’s light enough to hold for long periods of time. It can print up to 100,000 characters, and it’ll work for up to 50 continuous hours. You can easily create the messages on your personal computer and transmit them to your HandJet using a simple Windows-based program. Available Here. Watch the demo down below! Advertisement Where To Buy HandJet InkJet...

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WonderCube Pro: Everything You Need for Your Phone in One Cubic Inch

The WonderCube Pro is perfect for the person who always needs to charge their phone on the go! It’s designed to be an all-in-one phone accessory compacted into one cubic inch. It has a high-speed charge that’s compatible with micro USB and type-3, and it comes with a Lightening adapter. It also has a USB flash drive and on-the-go memory to store your data! The WonderCube Pro has a micro SD card reader, and it’s able to sync and transfer information from your devices. You can also use it as a kickstand for your phone! Available Here. Watch the...

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Ten Fold Portable Building: Spring Up a Home Anywhere

This house unfolds from a small shipping container like box into a fully functioning house. Ten Fold Technology is the company behind the production of these foldable houses that can be deployed and ready to use within 10 minutes of arrival. Built from robust steel chassis and composite panels, the workhorse unit travels as a standard high top 9m (30ft) container but opens up to provide 64 m² (688ft²) of uninterrupted space. When closed the unit can carry up to 20m³ of furniture and equipment including internal walls, bathrooms, kitchens and basic furniture. It can be connected to existing...

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MOBICASE: The Functional Laptop Bag for Working on the Go

Click here to Buy The MOBICASE is perfect for the person who always works on the go! It’s designed to be the perfect working companion with over 20 different features. It has quick-stash charger pockets, adjustable screen height, and a built-in ergonomic laptop stand. You can go to your ideal working location, open your bag, and set up in under 20 seconds! The ergonomic laptop stand is designed to help you improve your posture and avoid back pain. It has easy on-shoulder access, letting you put things in and take things out quickly no matter where you are! Available...

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