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Boy Has Been Saving All His Money For Years, On The Way To The Bank, He Did This With It

This boy had been collecting money for years from holidays, chores and doing work. He kept all of this money in his wallet and finally, for safe keeping, he decided to deposit it into the bank. However on the way to the bank, this happened: Wow, what an amazing boy this father raised. Share this story with your friends and family. h/t Hrtwarming Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Utah Father Transforms His 4-Month-Old Baby Into An Elf On The Shelf This man is definitely one of those people who takes Christmas traditions very seriously. Being a father of six, he...

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Some Dollar Bills Can Be Worth Thousands. This Is How You Can Find One

Dollar bills are essential, but some people might argue they take up too much space in your wallet. It’s hard to argue with that when your wallet is clogged with ten dollar bills, but what if one of those bills was worth thousands of dollars? Turns out, there are a bunch of websites willing to buy your dollar bills for a lot of money—and it all has to do with the serial number (written in red under the stamp on your bill). Although the serial numbers on the dollar bills in your wallet are not completely done at random,...

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