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Moose Spends 9 Hours In A Lowe's Parking Lot To Give Birth To Her Calf

Shoppers in Anchorage, AK, were treated to quite the unusual event in the Lowe’s parking lot when a moose was spotted, collapsed on the ground.   Katherine Warren said she alerted security of Lowe’s when she spotted it with her family. The Lowe’s staff responded immediately and created a safe fence around the moose with traffic cones. Shortly afterwards, everyone realized what was going on. The moose was in labor!   The families going through the Lowe’s parking lot accommodated for the moose by making a detour to get to their cars. Some stood by to watch the amazing...

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Moose Duke It Out In A Family's Driveway

We can only assume that things like this occur somewhat regularly in Alaska, since the locals keep watching and filming as if two gargantuan creatures aren’t fighting mere feet away. Apparently it’s rut season, which is when bull moose compete and fight with each other for breeding rights. Being in the right place at the right time, local man Bill Tyra filmed an encounter from just ten feet away. While certainly a scary ordeal (for any who aren’t Alaskans anyway), it was a match up to remember. After all, it’s not every day that you get front row seats...

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