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Canailles Dream The Multi: The Luggage Designed for Your Baby’s Needs

The Multi is perfect for the new parent in your life! It’s designed to be an all in one suitcase with everything you need to take care of your baby. It looks like an average suitcase, but it can transform into a bed, a bath (sold as a separate accessory), a changing table, a high chair, and a fixed or rocking chair. It’s made in France from 100% recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly! It comes in four colors—perfect for any baby’s (or parent’s) style! It can also hold all your baby’s things too! Available here. Watch the demo...

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Suzy Snooze: The Smart Baby Monitor and Nightlight for Your Child

Available here The Suzy Snooze is perfect for the parent in your life! It’s designed to ensure you and your baby get a good night’s sleep every night. It connects with the corresponding smartphone app, letting you control the monitor and keep an eye on your child without a second device. It has soothing lights and music to get your child ready to go to sleep, all in four curated combinations designed by experts to induce sleep. Suzy is cool to the touch and has a friendly face—perfect for soothing your child during the night. It also gives your...

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