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Church Was Going To Close Due To Inadequate Parking Space, Until A Man Knocks On Their Door

This story was shared by Pastor Ed Delph from The Glendale Star.   It involved a new church that was going to be built. Unfortunately, the new church that was built did not have enough parking space and was not allowed to be run until it doubled the space.   The problem was that the church had used every inch of their space except for the last piece in which a mountain occupied.   With the likely event of closing the church, the members prayed and hoped for the best.   And then, this happened.       I...

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Trucker Leaves Heartbreaking Last Letter For His Wife And Kids When Embarking On Dangerous Journey

For many truck drivers, they’ll understand the struggle of being one. While embarking on many journeys in their rig, they have to leave behind families and friends they love and sometimes miss many special events like parties and get-togethers.   And with this amount of distancing, it’s hard for some to convey their feelings to their loved ones.   When this truck driver in the story below gets into an accident, he takes his final hours to write a loved letter to his wife and kids to tell them what he’s meant to tell them all this time. How...

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Blind Cat Climbs a Mountain in Just 3 Hours!

Domesticated house cats aren’t often considered the outdoorsy, adventurous types. Stevie the Irish rescue cat is challenging that idea. His owners recently helped Stevie achieve an impressive feat. With help, Stevie was able to climb the highest mountain in all of Ireland.   Oh, and did we mention that he’s blind? Patrick Corr/Bored Panda That’s right – a blind rescue cat was able to climb Ireland’s Carrauntoohil, raising $1700 for shelter animals in the process! The round trip up and down the mountain, taking them to a whopping height of 3406 feet, was made in just 6 hours! Stevie...

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