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Take Entertainment With You Everywhere Using SPUD

Click here to Buy Use this 24-inch pop-up screen to upgrade your smartphone’s entertainment capabilities. The screen is wrinkle proof, and has a convenient tiny projector behind it. Use it when camping, at home, outdoors for gaming, watching and Skyping. It only take 10 seconds to hook up and there are no messy cables. Available here. Where To Buy SPUD $399 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Editor Syncs 66 Dance Movies to 'Uptown Funk'

Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” was a smash hit when it came out in 2014. It’s been parodied and made into tributes in every which way possible. It can seem overbearing after a point – so much so that most of you were probably dead tired of the song after hearing it on repeat for a month.   Well, it was all worth while so that we could get this amazing video compilation out of it. One savvy editor managed to combine clips from a whopping 66 dance movies to make a perfectly-synched dance video set to the song. Each...

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Dick Van Dyke Surprises Crowd with a Performance at Denny's

Dick Van Dyke is, surprisingly, still alive. In fact, he’s way more alive than you’d expect. Recently, he made an unexpected appearance at a Santa Monica Denny’s and treated the diner’s patrons to an impromptu performance with some friends of his. Currently, he’s preparing for a show with his quartet, the aptly named “Vantastix”. While they enjoyed their breakfast after an appearance on Good Day LA, the group performed the title songs from the classic film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The entire crowd was delighted. It’s good to see Dick Van Dyke full of so much life at his...

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Can't Stop The Feeling With This Mashup Of 66 Movie Dance Scenes

Not since that fantastic mashup of vintage stars dancing to Uptown Funk have we seen something quite so impressive and fun involving modern music and classic style. Someone spent serious time combing through some of the greatest and most famous films in cinematic history to bring the most famous dance scenes together in one spectacular video. There are a lot of movie dance scenes you will no doubt recognize, and there may be some that you have never even seen before. But you may not even notice because the grooves are so infectious that you may just want to...

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