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Leatherman Tread Bracelet: Have Every Tool on Hand

Available here Perfect to get the job done anywhere, this multi-tool bracelet comes equipped with 25 tools that will be handy in any situation. The Leatherman Tread Wearable Multitool is a travel-friendly bracelet that will prepare you to be ready for anything but still look stylish. It features a variety of box wrenches, hex drives, flat and Philips screwdrivers, a cutting hook and even a bottle opener built into the bracelet allowing you to live comfortably, ready to tackle any task. The tread is fully adjustable to fit your wrist and the links can be removed easily in quarter...

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MyKee: The Multi-Tool That’s the Same Size as a Key

Available here The MyKee is perfect for the utilitarian person in your life! It’s designed to be a complete multi-tool while still being the size of a regular key. Made from grade 5 titanium to achieve a perfect weight to strength ratio, the MyKee is highly functional, yet highly resistant to daily wear! It features a blade that is capable of being a letter opener, box opener, cuticle pusher, pill splitter, lotto scratcher, seal cutter, and a tag popper. You can also use the claw front to open cans and bottles! Use the other bladed side to peel fruits...

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