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Dreampad Pillow: Listen to Music Through Your Pillow To Fall Asleep

Perfect for those who can never seem to fall asleep, this pillow will the change the way you sleep at night. The Dreampad is a comfortable pillow that is fitted with Dreampad technology that emits music straight to your head. After connecting a smart device to the Dreampad and selecting a song, you can relax to the sound of music through the pillow and concentrate on falling asleep. Based on the natural conductivity of the human body, those around you won’t be able to hear the music and only the user can be able to. The Dreampad internally plays...

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Mogees: Make a Musical Instrument Out of Anything

Available here The Mogees is perfect for the musician in your life! It’s designed to turn virtually any object into a musical instrument. The contact microphone attaches to any object, and you can recreate the sound of drums, keyboards, or guitars! Use taps, touches, and scratches to create musical sounds—the Mogees will translate your sounds into musical notes! The free iOS apps are designed to help you create inventive music. The Pulse app teaches the basics of rhythm, Maestro plays your music, and Keys shows you how to create melodies. It’s a great gift for people of all ages!...

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Pick Punch: Create Your Own Guitar Pick Out of Anything

Click here to Buy The Pick Punch is perfect for the guitar player in your life! It’s designed to make guitar picks out of virtually any material. You can use credit cards, gift cards, hotel room key cards, or other plastic items. It punches standard 351 guitar picks—great for recycling your expired or canceled cards! It weighs 1.3 lbs, and it’s made with heavy-duty materials, featuring a front-load design. It also comes with an instructional booklet, giving you inspiration on how to make different kinds of picks. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy...

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Otamatone: The Adorable-Looking Musical Instrument

Available here The Otomatone is perfect for the musical person in your life! It’s a digital musical instrument that anyone can learn how to play. A single note chord can be played in three phases: high, medium, and low. You can play them individually or play them together for a dynamic sound! You can play it by either pressing the tail, sliding on the tail, or moving the mouth! It has an on/off switch and volume control switch on the back, giving you full control over the sound! It even comes with a practice sheet to help you quickly...

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