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Safety Nailer: Nail Things Without Bashing Your Fingers

Do you struggle with using a nail and hammer during DIY projects? The Safety Nailer is for you! It’s designed to help you nail things without hurting your hand or breaking the nail. It applies a force around the nail, supporting it as it’s being hammered. It prevents the nail from breaking while protecting your fingers. The strike plate will protect your fingers, while the elastic band gives you a more ergonomic design for easy holding. Plus, it has an inclined face for easy toenailing! The embedded magnets keep your nail secure while you hammer it! Available Here. Watch...

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Men Are Painting Their Fingernails For This Surprising Reason

Fads are something people love getting involved with. Whether it be a new dance or a new social media “challenge”, people are likely to jump aboard and participate. Lately, the newest fad is that men are being spotted with a sole painted fingernail.   When men paint their fingernail, they become a Polished Man and will post their nail on social media.   But, this isn’t your typical new social media “challenge” type of trend, the Polished Man is actually an awareness campaign to stand up for physical and sexual violence amongst children. The campaign was started by the...

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