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Miniature Bruce Lee Knows All of His Moves

This kid looks like he could pack a wallop!   Ryusei is a little boy from Japan. He loves Bruce Lee movies. In fact, he loves them so much, he’s got his nunchuck routine from Game of Death down pat. He may not have the ferocity or size of one of the greatest martial artists to ever live, but he’s got the style and he’s got the skills.   Don’t believe it? Check out Ryusei’s performance on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots. You can see a side-by-side comparison of Ryusei and Bruce Lee’s moves. I wouldn’t want to run...

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5-Year Old Stuns Audience By Hypnotizing Animals

Hypnotism is a rare talent. It’s even rarer for a child to master it. It’s even rarer still for a child to be a master ANIMAL hypnotist. That is the case with Jiaying Han, a five-year old animal hypnotist from China. Jiaying Han recently showed off her skills on the Steve Harvey-hosted talent show “Little Big Shots”. In just under five minutes, she was able to hypnotize a dog, a frog, a chicken, a lizard, and a rabbit. By simply whispering sweetly to the animals and petting them gently, she convinced them all to go to sleep – an...

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