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Woman Was Mocked By Her Neighbor For Being Religious, Has The Perfect Response For Him

When it comes to religious practices, there’s always gotta be the one non-believer that will mock people for their faith.   In this story, a woman was being mocked for praising the Lord every day. Whenever she would say “Praise the Lord”, her non-believing neighbor would respond “There is no Lord” to her.   One day, she had the perfect response for him.       Haha! Not only does this elderly lady have strong faith, but also a quick wit as well! Be sure to share with your friends and family if you...

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Man Asks 11-Year-Old Neighbor For Computer Help, Then Gets Unexpected Reponses

Like many other people, sometimes you just run into problems with your computer you just can’t fix.   Take the man in this story for example, he was having trouble with his computer, so he decided to ask his neighbor for some help.   This neighbor was an 11-year-old boy named Eric. He’s apparently very tech-savvy with a room described as a “mission control room”.   However, when Eric fixed the man’s computer, the man never expected the problem to be this...

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Neighbor Harasses Elderly Woman For Money To Mow Her Lawn, Then 2 Men Appear To Help Her

The things people do towards elderly people can get pretty outrageous.   In this particular case, an elderly woman was being harassed by her neighbor to mow her lawn. Obviously, her physical state couldn’t allow her to do that and so the neighbor harassed her to pay him to mow it for her.   However, her financial circumstance was that she needed the money to pay for medication. That’s when these two men, Rodney and Terrence, from the “Raising Men Lawn Care Service” came by and offered her something unexpected. Read below: Today we did this lady's yard. She...

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Owner Is Shocked When Pit Bull Runs Out To Save Neighbor Who Is Getting Beaten By Her Husband

This story shook everyone’s perception of the bully breed dogs: pit bulls. When Blitz, a pure breed pit bull, from Michigan, realized what was going on across the street, the 100-something pound canine jumped to the scene to help.   Blitz witnessed a man domestically abusing his estranged wife, beating and dragging her across the street. Just as his owner was about to go to bed, the woman screamed, “Help me!” and Blitz ran right to her attacker.   Blitz never bit the attacker but rather scared and distracted him from his wife, so that he would loosen his...

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Couple Does Unexpected Act Of Kindness By Fixing Neighbor's Home

Anne Glancey, a socially-isolated retired teacher, lived in a run-down house and couldn’t afford to erase her mounting code violations. If she didn’t make the necessary repairs to her house, she would have been faced with $3000 per day in fines. The house had paint that was peeling off, three-foot high grass growing out of control and an abandoned 1984 Plymouth sitting on her lawn.   This all changed when New jersey couple Kristin and Adam Polhemus decided to do the unthinkable: help Anne repair her house. With the help of up to 25 other people from friends, family...

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