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Girl Suffering Anorexia Planned To Take Her Own Life Until Starbucks Barista Wrote This On Her Cup

Bekah Georgy, from Salem, New Hampshire, is a teen girl who loves to sing, dance, write, and put smiles on other people’s faces.   However, Georgy had trouble putting a smile on her face because of battles with depression, anxiety and anorexia nervosa for over half of her life.   On a particularly hard day, where Georgy was filled with hopelessness and suicidal thoughts, she decided to go to Starbucks for some iced coffee. As the barista took her order, she wrote something different on the cup instead of the Bekah’s name like most employees would. Check out below...

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This Maritime Folk Festival Performance Might Just Give You The Chills

Every year in the picturesque town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, there is a wonderful maritime folk festival. The idea is to present traditional American and British maritime folk music. Anyone who lives in New England or a historic maritime region can attest to the knowledge and singing of sea shanties when in a pub. The Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival seeks to capture some of this, and they often do so in spectacular fashion. It’s a celebration of history and is replete with talent from all over. It harkens back to the Age of Sail and gives you a taste...

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