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Zing: Smart, Full-Color Led Night Light Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Click here to Buy Zing is a smart, full-color LED night light powered by artificial intelligence. It’s designed to give your night lights a colorful, beautiful, and luxurious look while pairing it with some smart features. With your smartphone and the Zing app, the Zing is capable of creating over 4-billion colors and 512 levels of brightness. It also has a full-range of light effects so you can create a cozy campfire for your children’s room or a beautiful northern lights scene for yourself. The Zing also has a motion sensor for when you wake up during the night....

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After 21 Years Married, Wife Asks Husband to Take Another Woman Out for Date Night: His Mother

This man and woman were married and have been together for 21 years. On this particular night, his wife asked him to take out another woman. Her reasoning was “I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you.” And this is what happened after: What a beautiful story. Thank goodness for the wife sending him off to see his mother, or he may have lived his rest of his life in guilt. Be sure to share it to your friends/family! h/t Snopes Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ugly Christmas...

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SnapPower – Turn Your Light Switch Or Outlet Into One With LED Night Lights

Click here to Buy The SnapPower Guidelight turns your light switch or outlet coverplate into one with LED night lights. The SnapPower light switch helps make it easier to identify where the switch is at night in case you need to go to the bathroom or the kitchen for a midnight snack. The SnapPower outlet helps make it easier for children to see where they’re going at night. It acts as a night light while saving the two outlets free for use. To install the light switch or outlet, simply remove your existing coverplate with a screwdriver and then...

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The Zip It Bedding – Combines Your Bed Sheets And Sleeping Bag Into One

The Zip It Bedding combines your sheets and a sleeping bag into one convenient bed sheet. This makes it simple for anyone to re-make the bed, just zip it up! It also features a side pouch to store phones, diaries, or any other things you may want to keep in there. The Zip It features many designs: outer space, rock princess, fantasy forest, extreme sports, sweet dreams, wild animals. Or just regular colors such as: navy, pink and gray. The designs are even reversible! Watch the demo below: Available here: http://bit.ly/2gN3KEP Posted by GoodGood Gifts – Unique Gift Ideas...

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The Five Satins’ 1995 Classic “In The Still Of The Night” Live Performance Gives Me Goosebumps Every Time

Back in 1995, Fred Parris and the Satins moved the radio in a powerful way. With their song written in a local church basement in Connecticut, “In the Still of the Night” only achieved moderate success reaching 24th on the pop charts.   However, what was left of the classic, was lasting power. The song received airplay over the years and is known as one of the best known doo-wop songs covered by notable names such as: Boys II Men and Debbie Gibson.   It has also made an appearance in several films such as: The Buddy Holly Story...

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