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High School Runner Can't Feel Her Legs

In her senior year of high school, Kayla Montgomery was a a varsity runner. Kayla’s career as a runner was marked by her speed, her numerous first place finishes, and her status as one of the best varsity runners in the country.   It was also marked by the fact that she couldn’t feel her legs.   As she entered her freshman year of high school, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, also known as MS. As a result of her condition, Kayla loses all feeling in her legs when her body temperature increases. Amazingly, it wasn’t until after...

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Mother Gives Birth To Two Sets Of Identical Twins At The Same Time

Oh boy, talk about double the trouble. The saying “be careful what you wish for” also comes to mind. Josh and Miranda live in Charlotte, North Carolina and were always in control of life. They had one adorable baby girl, but then were given the news to expect two sets of twins. It’s been a struggle to go from well-oiled machine to “organized chaos,” but they are quite the team. Being two professional nurses, they organize and communicate with amazing efficiency. Even more surprising is the fact that they haven’t received a whole lot of support. Thankfully, friends and...

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Cop Stops A Man From Jumping Off A Bridge And Gives Him A Hug

Anyone who has ever come across a tense scene like someone threatening to jump off a bridge, knows that it’s truly a heart-pounding situation. It’s worth mentioning that while the adage of ‘suicide is a permanent and poor answer to a temporary and passing problem’ may be correct, in the heat of the moment, communicating that to a poor soul in distress can be very, very hard. Thankfully, this happens to be a great story of a police officer who was able to do such a thing; talking a man down from his perilous perch, and being rewarded with...

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