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Woman Saves Homeless Man's Life After Buying Him A Simple Meal

For most people, when you go about your day and encounter a homeless person, we don’t take the time to interact and actually get to know what put that person in the situation they are in.   Casey Fischer, on this particular day, was not like most people.   via Facebook – Casey Fischer via Facebook – Casey Fischer When she went to Dunkin Donuts one day, she encountered a homeless person singing on the side of the street and picking up change. He used this change to eventually go into Dunkin Donuts. Fischer approached the man and began...

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Kind Stranger Leaves Note for Woman Who Collapsed on Train

Most of us take public transportation every day and thankfully, we make it from point A to point B without any major incidents. But sometimes, that isn’t the case—and if we’re traveling alone, it could be dangerous.   This young lady knows exactly what that’s like, and her story is an incredible one.   In 2015, a young woman named Ellie Farnfield was taking a London train to teach a fitness class. Without any warning, Ellie had an epileptic seizure and collapsed on the train floor. When she woke up in the hospital, Ellie couldn’t remember how she got...

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