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ScanMarker: Scan Your Notes Directly into Your Computer or Tablet

The ScanMarker is perfect for the person who needs to take a lot of notes! It’s designed to instantly scan notes into your smartphone, computer, or tablet! The regular model is powered through USB, and the Air model is connected via Bluetooth! It scans and pastes lines of text, numbers, and barcodes, translating it into over 40 languages. It can even convert text to audio! The clear tip scans easily without blocking the text for the reader. The ergonomic design and lightweight build allow for effortless scanning. Available Here and on Amazon. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement...

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Hilarious Notes From Parents That Have Nailed This Parenting Thing

Parenting can sometimes be a very underappreciated job. Obviously the kids rarely have any clue about everything involved with being a parent and an adult, but that doesn’t mean parenting comes with some nice perks and rewards.   Additionally, it can sometimes be a lot of fun. Whether it’s for more serious matters or giving the kids an update on evening plans, these parents prove that they have a sense of humor and are doing pretty darn good at this whole ‘parenting’ thing.   #1. via testplzignore #2. via Cnelz #3. via queen_of_the_koopas #4. via Iunderstoodthatreference #5. via imgur...

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