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Man Thought He Was Witnessing an Officer Harassing Homeless Man. Then, Posts This Online for Everyone

In a recent Facebook post, a man pulled out a camera and started recording an officer who he saw was harassing a homeless man. Then, when the police officer came up to him and explained his misunderstanding. Read what happened below: Please read my story and if you feel like sharing go right ahead. Today we had to make a stop at the Rite Aid around… Posted by Keith Werda on Sunday, September 11, 2016   God bless police officers like Officer Lewis, as well as, veterans who should be honored for the sacrifices they make daily. Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Officers Pretend To Be On A Walk To Help Elderly Woman With Dementia Get Home

Everyday, this 81-year-old mother takes a daily walk up and down her driveway. However, things were different this friday, when the 81-year-old didn’t return to her Maryland home from her daily walk.   It was then, her daughter, decided to call 911. The police officers were informed that the 81-year-old mother had dementia and was assured they would find her soon. And so, after 40 minutes, they did.   When they found her in the tree-lined trail, they decided to help guide her back to her home in the most proper way. Instead of embarrassing the old lady, they...

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Police Officer Saves A Stranded Sloth On The Highway

A local police station in Ecuador got a phone call one day about an urgent matter. Although the matter was life-threatening, it wasn’t about a person. They had actually received a phone call about a stranded animal, more specifically: a sloth, that needed to be saved.   This tiny sloth somehow got stuck in the middle of a highway with passing motorists driving by. Thankfully, one of the local motorists decided to phone into the police station, fearing that the sloth could tragically end up as roadkill if the situation wasn’t taken care of.   Check out the photos...

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