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Navy Veteran Saves Elderly Woman From Violent Mugging in a Parking Lot

Thank goodness for good samaritans.   While walking past a Winn-Dixie pharmacy on his way to the gym, a Navy veteran saw an elderly woman being attacked by a would-be mugger. Without giving it a moments thought, the man jumped into action and, with the help of other bystanders, apprehended the boy who was attacking the 76-year old woman.   As it turned out, the boy had already violated his probation. The vet was able to hold him in place until the police arrived and arrested him properly. Ultimately, the woman was shaken up but unharmed and the young...

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Mother Designs Inclusive Shopping Cart for People with Accessibility Issues

Running errands, completing tasks, or simply being in public are all hard enough to do when you have a child. It’s even harder to get anything accomplished when that child has a disability and needs to be attended to.   Drew Ann Long knows that struggle all too well. Her middle child, Caroline, has special needs and is too old and too large to fit in a standard shopping cart.   With her in mind, Long set out to design and produce a shopping cart that can fit most people comfortably, from children to elderly people. If you have...

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Kind Young Man is Inspired to Help an Old Lady He Doesn't Know with Her Groceries

We say it often here, but little gestures go a long way. Senquavious Driver of Atlanta, Georgia took the time out of his day to help an 81-year old woman go shopping. He did not know the woman and she did not ask for assistance, but he was able to tell that she was struggling to get out of her car and walk to the door.   Some passersby caught his actions on camera and, after they spread it around the internet, Driver was featured on Fox 5 Atlanta’s nightly news. Way to go, Senquavious! We can always use...

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Woman Gives Ride to 93-Year Old Woman Who Tells Her Amazing Life Story

Every stranger you meet has a story to tell. Sometimes, it’s worth taking the time to learn about someone else.   Tara Murphy did just that recently when she pulled over and offered a ride to an elderly woman named Isabelle. Over the course of their ride, Isabelle regaled Tara with all sorts of stories about her childhood and their town’s history. It was an experience Tara will likely never forget and one that Isabelle seemed grateful for.   Learn all about it below!   via Tara Murphy/Facebook So this morning in Martinsburg I spotted the woman walking the...

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Manicurist Convinces Elderly Woman to Look Past Her Insecurities

We all have our insecurities, but sometimes we have to be reminded that they aren’t based in fact. How we feel affects how we see ourselves. No one else can see what we feel inside.   An elderly woman was recently reminded of that fact when she went to get a manicure. She asked for clear nail polish so that her nails wouldn’t draw attention to her hands. She was insecure about how they had aged, but her manicurist told her to think better of herself. Read their whole interaction in the story below! via Brandalyn Mae Porter/Facebook Brandalyn...

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