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Young Man Helps Elderly Man Go Down Escalator After Hearing He Had Got Stuck Once

When a few people started gathering at the top of an escalator, this young man knew something was going on and decided to check it out. At the top of the escalator, the young man found an elderly man who seemed unsure about going down. He then found out that the elderly man had gotten stuck on the escalator once before. Then, the following happened: “A little redemption for the suffering human soul. ? The older man was paused at the top of an escalator and a few… Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, June 16, 2017   What...

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Two Talented Couples Show Off Their “Boogie-Woogie” Dancing Skills To The Crowd

Dancing styles like the classic “Boogie” or “Boogie-Woogie” from the 1950s are similar to forms of lost art. However, these four skilled dancers are here today to bring it back. One special audience got the performance of a lifetime when the four dancers performed an impromptu routine for them. One of the audience members who got to witness the performance live, was a man named Sam McKee. As soon as Sam got home, he shared the video of these four dancers to the world on his Facebook page. He even went lengths to say, “Boogie is fun! If this...

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Student Volunteered at Retirement Home, but Never Expected One of the Seniors to Say This

In a Reddit thread, user /u/musictomyomelette explained an incident he experienced at a senior citizens community after he was asked “what have you unknowingly done that meant the world to someone else?” He says the incident completely changed his outlook on life and for the better. Read what happened in the story below: Wow, what an amazing story. While most high schoolers find themselves spending time playing video games or at the mall, this student was able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stick with him forever. Be sure to share this story with your friends/family. Comment from...

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Old Man Rants About How Kids Nowadays Have It Way Easier Than Kids in His Generation

You know that feeling, when you get older, you look back at people younger and wonder to yourself: “Wow, was I like that?” Or maybe you’re from a completely other generation, and wonder how lucky this generation is. This old man had that exact feeling and figured he would write a letter about it. Read it below: Wow, I don’t think any truer words have been said. Like the letter says, pass it on to someone you’d think it’d make smile. h/t Hrtwarming Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ugly Christmas Sweater Winner Plays Carol of the Bells Watch this girl...

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Three Elderly Ladies Discuss the Struggles of Growing Older and It’s Hilariously Relatable

This joke involves three elderly women who were having a conversation about the struggles of them growing old. The issues they have are absolutely hilarious to listen to and can definitely relate at some points in our lives haha. Read their conversation below: LOL. I guess you just can’t avoid the struggles of getting older. Be sure to share this hilarious joke with your friends/family! h/t Shareably Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ugly Christmas Sweater Winner Plays Carol of the Bells Watch this girl play Carol of the Bells after winning an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest! Utah Father Transforms His...

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