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The Touching Story Of An Olympic Rider Who Walked Away From Rio

Adelinde Cornelissen has competed in the Olympics before and won silver and bronze for her efforts. She has also won gold medals at the World and European championships in the equestrian sport of dressage.   Things were off to a good start in Rio for the 2016 Summer Games, but then there was a serious development. Here is her story and that of her horse Parzival.   “My story….   Lots has happened…   The first days in Rio went according to plan: a relaxed flight, stabling good, training good. Parzival feels happy and fit.   Until yesterday morning…...

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Paralympian Can Shoot Archery Target From 930 Feet Away – with His Feet!

Archery is a sport that looks very basic, but is, scientifically speaking, dang hard. It’s incredible to watch a person with four limbs launch an arrow into the dead center of a color-coated target. Imagine how much crazier it is to watch a man without arms do the same.   You don’t have to imagine, because Matt Stutzman is here.   A member of the Paralympic archery team, Stutzman holds the Guinness World Record for “farthest accurate distance” in archery, a record he obtained by firing an arrow into a target 930 feet away with his feet. That record,...

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Chinese Swimmer Captures Hearts with Hilarious Expressions

Sometimes, Olympic athletes are sore losers. Take Hope Solo, for instance. However, sometimes athletes are so brimming with camaraderie and the spirit of the games that they can’t help but give off positive energy. This year, Chinese olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui takes the title for most enthusiastic athlete. Not only was she so overwhelmingly happy to win a bronze medal, but she’s also shown off a wide range of humorous facial expressions almost every time she’s been in front of a camera. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images A photo posted by Across The Equator (@acrosstheequator) on...

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Olympic 5K Runner Stops to Help Fallen Opponent, Both Earn Places in Finals

If there’s one underlying theme of the 2016 Olympics so far, it’s sportsmanship. All throughout the games, we’ve seen tremendous displays of camaraderie and good will between athletes from various nations. Well, add another to the board, because this might be the best story so far.   During a Women’s 5000 meter race, Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin collided with each other. As Hamblin slowed to avoided bumping into another runner, D’Agostino bumped into her from behind and sent the two tumbling to the ground. Amazingly, D’Agostino stopped to help Hamblin get back up. As they continued to race,...

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Japanese Marathon Runner Takes 54 Years to Finish Race

It’s the Quadrennial Summertime International Sport Competition Month once again. Also known as the Olympics. Typically, endurance sports like swimming, biking, and running are measured in times. Obviously, performers with the shortest times win. There are no prizes for having the worst time, but, if you’re lucky, you might bag a world record title. Shizo Kanakuri was a Japanese marathon runner at the 1912 Games in Stockholm, Sweden. He was selected as one of only two Olympians sent by Japan that year. During a qualifying trial, he set a world record, completing the marathon in just 2 hours, 32...

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