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Inconsiderate Drivers Trying To Park In Disabled Parking Space Are Confronted By Hologram Messages

One of the most disrespectful things you can do as a driver is park in a disabled parking space when they’re meant for those who need it.   Yet even though people know this, in Russia, 30% of drivers still take those parking spaces without a care of the sign on the ground.   That’s why Dislife, a non-profit organization, decided to do something about this rudeness.   They installed special cameras to verify the presence of the disabled sticker and if none was detected, a projection of a real disabled person speaking would appear to confront the driver....

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Kitten Bravely Fights Back Against A Scary "Intruder" In The House

This tiny kitten was just wandering the house when he noticed something scary in the living room.   He then realizes it’s a scary “intruder” and begins hissing at it and arching its back. As it musters up the courage to fight back, the kitten finally springs into action and jumps forward at this “intruder”.   It turns out this “intruder” was really just a bright green ball and the resulting video with accompanying music is way too adorable. Check it out for yourself...

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Mama Dog Begs For Food And Brings It Back For Her Pups

In a place like Thailand, it’s common to see stray animals like dogs and cats walking around asking for food from people.   However, when one day, this man decided to give some chicken to a stray dog, the dog started to run away from him and so he decided to follow her.   When she finally stopped, the man realized what was going on. The stray dog was a mother! She gave the food she begged for from him to her little pups and the pups then ran to the man and continued to bark and beg for...

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Mirror Prank In Women's Bathroom Has Women Freaking Out

If there’s anything that freaks me out the most, it’s mirrors. I always feel like when I leave the bathroom, there’s something in the mirror behind me waiting for me.   In this prank, these women decided to play a prank using the bathroom mirror. When people walked into the bathroom, they would look in the mirror and see nothing there! No reflection, nothing. This has people being shocked and wondering what’s wrong.   The prank is continued when the people look next to them, only to find that the woman next to them has her reflection perfectly there...

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Man Comes Back To Cops Waiting For Him, Then Finds His Cat Stuck On The Garage Door

As a pet owner, you can’t even imagine what possible trouble your pet could be getting into while you’re out of the house. It could be a food spill or a broken vase, but never would a pet owner think they would come home to this.   When this homeowner came back to his house after a day out, he found cops waiting outside of his house. They informed him that his cat was stuck wedged between the garage door and the wall of his house. The cat was stuck in such a way that only half of her...

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