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Mama Squirrel Rescues Her 3 Newborn Baby Squirrels From Their Nest

Sometimes, things happen out of nowhere. And you’re forced to do things you wouldn’t have had to otherwise. For this squirrel, the thing that happened was landscapers coming to her tree.   When these landscapers came to trim the coconut trees in this family’s backyard, they ended up knocking down a squirrel nest with 3 babies inside with it!   Fortunately, the babies weren’t hurt, but the landscapers weren’t sure what to do with them. But not to worry, Mama squirrel took matters into her own hands, and went on a mission to rescue her babies out of the...

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2-Year-Old Miraculously Saves Twin Brother From Falling Drawer

This clip is rapidly trending on Youtube and Reddit, involving two twin brothers who were playing in their room on their drawer.   As the boys climbed around the drawer like two monkeys, the drawer fell and things went amiss. Along with the things on their drawer falling off, the drawer itself fell on top of one of the boys!   Luckily, the other twin brother knew what was going on and went right to work on trying to figure out how to get his brother out from underneath. Finally, he was able to push the drawer off of...

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This Artist Creates Realistic Paintings With An Incredible-Degree Of Detail

It’s crazy to see the amazing things people can do. For example, take this lady in a red dress for example. It looks like she’s literally levitating the fish, but take a closer look.   That’s right, it’s actually a painting.   The painting was created by Chinese surrealism artist: Leng Jun.       Create with the heart, build with the mind Posted by Leng Jun Artist -冷军 on Monday, May 9, 2016   Create with the heart, build with the mind Posted by Leng Jun Artist -冷军 on Monday, May 9, 2016   Born in 1963, Jun graduated from...

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