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Orangutan Decides To Play Catch With Man When Tossed His Favorite Treat

When you go to the zoo, you tend to mainly watch the animals. You get very limited interaction with the amazing creatures and sometimes, it’s for good reason. One of the most common rules at zoos, around the world, is to not feed the animals. The food may harm the animals, anger them, or encourage them to come get more. For these reasons and more, zoos and most people have established to not feed the animals.   But on this particular day, Vitaly R. decides to bend the rules a bit. While visiting a zoo in Moscow with some...

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Orangutan Shares His Love For Pregnant Woman's Baby

Let’s go to the zoo! This is what the couple and expectant mother must have said one day as they made their trip to the local zoo.   Their experience was made even better when they were looking at a large orangutan who seemed to be intrigued by the woman’s baby bump. As she noticed this, she decided to approach the glass even closer and that’s when the orangutan started to tear up. He softly caresses the baby bump through the glass and at one point, even kisses the baby! Their interaction is truly heartwarming and beautiful to watch....

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This Is The First Time An Orangutan Birth Has Been Caught On Camera

It’s an understatement to say that the world is pretty big. Even with our huge numbers, spread across the globe, and numerous researchers, we still don’t know everything and new species are being discovered every year. Complicating matters are rare species that like to be left alone. This makes learning about them very difficult. At the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey in the Channel Islands of Britain, a world first has been captured on film. A new baby has been welcomed to the orangutan family! It’s a unique insight into orangutan birth and behavior. You can learn a...

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Orangutan Relaxes By Building Herself A Hammock

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this little girl was clearly in need of a hammock. For those unaware, we humans are the masters of tool use, but we’re not the only ones who know how to make things. Granted, we’re more sophisticated, but chimps, gorillas, and orangutans also use tools from time to time. From what may be a temporary enclosure, she uses a blanket and some ingenuity to make herself a hammock, because why not? They’re far more comfortable than a cold metal floor, and maybe her caretaker was slow on the room service and extra...

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Man Blows An Orangutan's Mind With A Magic Trick

While zoos can be a contentious issue to many people around the world, they can also be great fun. They’re an often affordable way to get closer to rare and exotic animals and learn about them in the process. While there is the occasional horror story involving a feces-flinging monkey, most times it’s a fun experience. At the Barcelona Zoo in sunny Barcelona, Spain, a young orangutan was apparently quite bored one afternoon and decided to get up close and personal with the visitors. Getting as close to the glass as he could, one quick-thinking tourist decided that this...

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