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Guys Encounter A Pod Of Baby Orcas While Crabbing Off The Coast Of Anderson Island

These three guys were just hoping for a nice trip crabbing off the coast of Anderson Island.   Well, they got more than just a crabbing trip to say the least.   It turns out they had a pretty scary experience as they saw a pod of orcas in the distance that came close to them and started surrounding them.   Steven Sloan posted the video on Youtube stating,   “My buddies and I were crabbing off of the west coast of Anderson Island and even though we didn’t really catch anything, we got to see the pod of...

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Orphaned Orca Uses Buoy as Security Blanket

There are few things in the natural world sadder than an orphaned animal. Perhaps the only thing sadder is when said animal imprints on an inanimate object because it no longer has a mother to comfort it.   Take this little guy, for example. He is stranded and thirsty, but refuses to leave the side of this floating beacon.   This baby orca, named Bob, was found hanging onto a buoy near Tauranga harbor on New Zealand’s North Island. The orca had lost his pod and was using the buoy as a security blanket. He was estimated to be...

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