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Baby Rhino Is Saved 8 Days After Its Mother Was Poached

Last Friday, The Care For Wild Life Africa Rhino Sanctuary was contacted about the rescue of an 8 month old calf rhino, who’s mother had been recently poached. The 8 month old was spotted in the reserve of the Mpumalanga region and had been shot in the left leg.   A rescue team was deployed shortly afterwards, but were unsuccessful in locating the calf due to the heavy rain that washed away its footsteps.   With 8 days passed by, hope started to fade that the calf may not survive. With no milk and a gun shot wound, chances...

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This Man, Abandoned as a Boy, Blesses the X Factor Judges with His Amazing Voice

Some people get a rough start in life, but that doesn’t stop them from fighting to let their talents shine through.   Emmanuel Kelly is just one example of this. He and his brother Ahmed were found in a shoebox in Iraq by nuns. The brothers had severely underdeveloped limbs because of the chemical warfare in their community. The boys were brought to an orphanage, where they were adopted by Australian humanitarian Mary Therese Kelly.   With the right amount of love and care, these young men have flourished. Ahmed represented Australia in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London,...

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Orphaned Baby Elephant Befriends A Rescued Ostrich And Snuggles With Her

Jotto, the elephant, was only 1-month old when he fell down a well and was separated from his herd.   Fortunately for him, rescuers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) rescued and pulled Jotto from the well and brought him to their elephant orphanage in Kenya.   In the orphanage, Jotto made an unusual friendship. Instead of befriending another elephant, little 1-month old Jotto befriended Pea, an ostrich. Pea was rescued in 2014 after rescuers from DSWT found her and her brother Pod while rescuing a baby elephant. It is safe to say orphaned ostrich Pea most definitely...

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He Was Found In A Trash Bag, But Ended Up With Quite The Family

Some stories can seem too good to be true, but life can be stranger than fiction and some of the best stories are the realest ones, and now this family understands it better than most. While they were on vacation in Ecuador, they decided to visit an orphanage for special needs children. Little did they know, it would change their lives.   While they were on the tour, the mom locked eyes with this little baby. This baby had been found by a carpenter in a trash bag by a dumpster. He investigated because the bag was moving and...

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