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To Help Orphan Otters, The Monterey Bay Aquarium Runs An Otter Salon

We’ve seen some of the work done at this California aquarium in the past, but this absolutely takes the cake. Otters, like most animal species, care for their young but nature is a cruel mistress and sometimes baby otters are orphaned or abandoned. Thankfully, Carl and his team at the Sea Otter Program lend them a helping hand. They have taken care of baby otters, sometimes as young as a day old. Their goal is not to make them an attraction, but rather to help the babies obtain and develop the tools needed for eventual reintroduction into the wild....

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A Baby Sea Otter Trying To Sleep On His Floating Mom Is Adorable

Only one day into this world, and this baby sea otter is all tuckered out. It really must be physically demanding as you float around and look adorable. Sounds like the hardest job in the world. We’re fairly certain that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has found the recipe for cuteness success, and it clearly involves otters. As it turns out, there’s a bit of a special story here. While the baby was born in the “Great Tide Pool” at the aquarium, his mom is actually a wild Californian sea otter that had sought refuge in the aquarium’s pool to...

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Otter Loves To Juggle His Favorite Rock

We post a lot of cute animals on this website, but it appears that we’ve been neglecting some of the cutest animals nature has to offer; otters. These aquatic creatures are incredibly adorable. The list for what makes them cute is quite a long list. Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift apart. Otters make sounds like squeaky toys. They have been filmed playing and chasing after butterflies. Every otter finds their favorite pebble or stone to crack open shellfish, and keeps it for life. They also love playing with their stones as this otter in...

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