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Lifestyle Screen Door: Instantly Transform Your Garage into Outdoor Space

Perfect for those who want to stay outdoors but still feel comfortable inside their homes, this screen door transforms any garage into a cool, bright, pest-free space. Lifestyle Screens are the company that makes the easy to use garage door screen that is fully retractable and works with your existing garage door. After installation, by simply pulling down on the straps and walking forward, the screen door will pull down by itself. By rolling down the tracks along the sides, the screen will gently slide down until it touches the floor and locks in place. By closing the passage...

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Cooler Cannon: A Cooler That Will Toss You a Drink

Meet the Cooler Cannon. It looks like a normal cooler but hidden inside is a spring-loaded mechanism that launches beverages up to 8 feet away! Just load up the cooler with 12 oz. cans and ice, and the cooler does the rest. With he simple touch of a remote, it instantly launches your next beverage through the lid! It takes seconds to reload, and can hold up to 18 cans at a time. You can reserve yours today by pre-ordering one Here. The projected cost for a Cooler Cannon is $195. Where To Buy The Cooler Cannon $195 (projected...

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