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iKamper EatOut: The Perfect Portable Outdoor Kitchen

The iKamper EatOut is the ultimate outdoor kitchen! It comes with everything you’d need for the perfect outdoor cooking experience. It comes with two gas stoves, a table, storage, and an integrated utensil rack! The dual gas stoves let you cook two meals at once, and the wind guard ensures you can cook in all kinds of weather. The table is large enough to seat up to four people and is made of easy-to-clean birch plywood! You can even add a cooler to the storage compartment to keep your food fresh! Pre-order will start at $185. (Retail at $350)...

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Dad Makes Full-Size Obstacle Course with Just Pool Noodles

Do you have too many pool noodles and not enough pools? Well, no need to worry, cause the DIY Dad is here with the save. Using dowels, duct tape, and lots of pool noodles, DIY Dad Eric made an entire obstacle course for his kids. With just these materials, he was able to make a set of hurdles, arches, a target practice range, and an assortment of other obstacle course staples. Just follow his very basic setup method (feel free to get creative with it) and you’ll have a low-cost outdoor entertainment system that will keep your kids active...

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Mother Refuses to Leave Injured Calf's Side

For many wild quadrupeds, a leg injury is practically a death sentence. Animals like cows and horses support their weight on all four limbs, so when one is out of commission, there’s little they can do to fix the situation.   Thankfully, there are groups like Animal Aid to step in sometimes to lend a hand. Recently, while transporting a calf whose hoof had been run over, Animal Aid workers were met with a surprise guest – the calf’s mother. Apparently, she refused to leave their side out of fear that they were trying to take her son away...

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