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Stunning Zip Line In The Philippines

When it comes to fun on the lake, most people would look for a wakeboard or a jet ski to really crank up the fun a few levels beyond the old tire swing. At Lake Sebu in the Philippines they figured the best way to have people void their travel insurance would be to rapidly propel them across what seems like half of the forest on the island at a wicked pace. Unlike most zip lines, this one anchors you in a horizontal position to help create the illusion of flying like Superman. A very brave (or crazy) individual...

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He Cuts A Pool Noodle Down The Side, Creates A Must Have For Camping

Grant Thompson shows us how to make a surprisingly versatile “business” bucket that doubles as a complete emergency supply kit, perfect for camping, or in case of any emergency situation. The coolest thing about this idea is that the entire kit goes together in a 5 gallon bucket. This man is probably the best camping buddy ever! via The King of...

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