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Bank Tries To Charge Deceased Lady’s Credit Card. When Her Nephew Calls Them To Explain, This Is What Happened

Let’s face it, banks always have a notorious reputation of being sly.   The reason why credit cards can exist is so that they can charge you for the interest every month.   When this elderly lady passed away, the bank was still charging her every month for her credit card bills with late fees on top. So, her nephew decided to call the bank to explain the situation.   This is the conversation that happened afterwards:           LOL. I guess we should cancel our credit cards before we die (if only we knew when)....

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Boss Tells Employee To Overcharge Customers, Gets Stood Up By Him

A Reddit user recently posted this story online, after being asked if people ever quit their job in hilarious fashion.   /u/capntom described the time when he was working at a Midas garage and was told by his boss to overcharge his customers. Instead of following the ridiculous orders his higher-up ordered him to do, he decided to take a stand for himself and the customers in the waiting room.   This is what happened afterwards:           What a great job this honest mechanic did, and a lovely ending to a great story.   h/t...

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