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Ulo: The Owl That Watches Over Your Home When You’re Away

Nothing escapes the watchful eye of an owl—especially when that owl is Ulo. Ulo is a home monitoring system disguised as an adorable owl figurine. It’s essentially a pet owl who can protect your house when you aren’t there—how cool is that? Just like regular owls, Ulo is safe for outdoor use. Unlike regular owls, Ulo has smartphone connectivity, voice controls in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and German), face recognition, and more! Its expressive face is an expert in non-verbal communication—perfect for supporting multiple languages. It can even save your screenshots in a dropbox, making it difficult for...

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Kind Man Saves Wild Owl at a Golf Course and It’s Adorable

Animals are very self-sufficient, but sometimes—like the rest of us—they need some outside help. Craig Loving heard there was a scared owl trapped at a local golf course in Texas and instead of waiting for rescuers to get there, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He jumped into the pond without a second thought and tenderly released the terrified animal! But the most amazing part is the owl’s reaction—instead of trying to fly away or hurt Craig, he waited patiently as Craig worked hard to free him. Watch the full heartwarming rescue in the video down...

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