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Paint2it Pro Anti Gravity Paint Tray: Hold Paint on Any Angle

Available here Perfect for those looking to be doing a little painting, this Anti-gravity paint tray will help you the next time you try. The Paint2It Pro can be held at any angle without dripping any paint, even if it’s upside-down! You just load the paint onto your tray palette, put your hand through the adjustable strap on the back, and you’re ready to paint away. The Paint2It Pro doesn’t only prevent spills, it also cuts your paint time in half! It does this by having a palette tray that can hold up to 12oz of paint, with no...

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Belay Peelable Paint: Protect Your Furniture Discreetly

The Belay Peelable Paint is perfect for the neat freak in your life! It’s designed to keep your surfaces protected, but still look beautiful. You can use it on coated wood surfaces, natural and artificial marble, granite, glass, and metal! Simply pour it on your surface, paint it like you would normal paint, then let it dry. You can peel it in just two hours! When your furniture gets too dusty and dirty, peel off the layer and it looks good as new! It has no odor and it comes in glossy and matte finishes! Available Here. Watch the...

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Roller Ready: Clean Your Paint Rollers Quickly and Mess-Free

Click here to Buy The Roller Ready is perfect for the handy person in your life! It quickly cleans your paint rollers mess-free. Simply attach the Roller Ready to a drill on low speed, attach the used roller to the Roller Ready, spin off the excess paint in an empty bucket, then spin the roller in a bucket of water. That’s it! It can clean rollers up to 18 inches long! By cleaning your rollers more efficiently, you’ll save money and get more use out of your rollers! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To...

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DealMux Pattern Paint Roller: Turn Your Basic Wall into Beautiful Brick

Click here to Buy The DealMux paint roller will dress up your boring walls instantly! It’s designed to imitate the finish of brick wall, giving your home a beautiful finish. Simply lubricate your rubber roller, then roll it onto cement on your wall—that’s it! The texture on the roller ensures you have a realistic finish! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Faça parte do maior grupo de Pintores Imobiliários do Brasil, espaço destinado onde compartilhamos idéias , técnicas e conhecimento de Efeitos Decorativos, Pintura Convencional, Industrial, Mecanização em Pintura Airless e muito mais! Seja bem vindo!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/520411268099303/...

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Cansealid Paint Can Lid: Keep Your Paint Fresher for Longer

Click here to Buy The Cansealid Paint Can Lid is designed to keep your paint fresh longer, thanks to the premium seal and high-grade silicone! The lid is easy to take on and off—no tools required. You can even stack cans and label your paint right on the lid! The lid also doubles as the perfect tray for touchups! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Cansealid Paint Can LidSingle lid $11.99 Buy now Cansealid Paint Can LidValue pack of three $29.99 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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