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Artist and Her Toddler Daughter Collaborate to Create Beautiful Art

As a toddler, one of the best feelings was having your parents praise your artwork and hang it on the fridge door. My dad still has all of my own artwork. The only thing better than parental approval was parental participation. Making art projects with your parents has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world—you’re doing something you both love, together. Ruth and Eve Oosterman, however, have taken mommy and me art to a whole other level. Artists: Eve and Ruth Oosterman – Instagram – Facebook Ruth is a Canadian artist and Eve is her toddler....

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The Most Deceptive Glass Of Water Ever

When it comes to great artists of the world, drawing a realistic depiction of water is surely the highest of achievements. This video showcases an artist going by the alias ‘PortraitPainter Pabst’ (no relation to the beer brand) who sets out to mess with your perceptions. Showing what appears to be a glass of water at the start, he reveals that it’s actually a drawing. Yet as the work gets underway (and accompanied by a beautifully upbeat melody), it becomes clear something truly special is unfolding here. He clearly enjoys messing with our minds, and is capable of very...

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