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Feejays: The Coziest Sweatpants with Feet

Feejays are perfect for the person who’s always cold! They’re cozy sweatpants with feet and hoodies with mittens! The sweatpants have drawstring waistbands and comfortable hand pockets. They have ultra-plush Sherpa-lined feet, and it’s made of cotton and polyester with a built-in Lycra escape hatch! The hoodies with mittens have a full zip, and they have an escape hatch for your hands! With these hoodies and sweatpants, you’ll be comfy and warm all winter long! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   A post shared by Feejays (@feejays) on Nov 10, 2016 at 9:07am PST Advertisement Where To...

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Sazac Kigurumi: Cozy Up in These Adorable Onesies

Available here Kigurumi is perfect for the person who likes to be cozy! These onesies are designed to keep you warm while looking adorable. All of the costumes are machine washable, letting you wash them over and over while still maintaining their shape. The kigurumi button up at the front, and each design is made with high-quality fleece. Available in adult and children sizes, you can be sure to find one in your size! Dress up as a cute animal, or rep your favorite licensed character! Available Here. Advertisement Where To Buy Unicorn Kigurumi Buy now Red Panda Kigurumi...

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Baby Goats Dancing In Their Pajamas On A Rainy Day Will Brighten Your Day

When it comes to goats, it’s pretty clear that they are already rather cute. Unless you are a rock climber who regularly has to deal with billy goats dissing your climbing skills, odds are good that you’re already a fan of our farm animal friends. There have been lots of video of goats being silly, excited, adorable, and even fainting. It’s all pretty adorable, but baby goats (properly called kids) in pajamas might just take the cake. Putting on a show so cute that there’s almost no comparison, these kids are bounding around the barn at high speeds in...

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