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Remarkable: The Tablet That Works and Feels Like Real Paper

The Remarkable tablet is perfect for the person who can’t live without paper products! It’s designed to perform like real paper while giving the user all the benefits of working on a tablet. It reads, writes, and sketches with a real paper feel—the tablet reads like ink on paper. With the marker, you can annotate right on the page and easily transfer documents, PDFs, and ebooks wirelessly. It has days of battery time, and it’s even optimized for use in sunlight. With 100,000 pages in the device, you’ll never run out of paper again! Available Here. Watch the demo...

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Nurse Thinks Patient Is Giving Away His Property, But His Family Tells Her A Different Story

This funny story comes from the deathbed of Doug Smithberger. It happens when Mr. Smithberger is giving his last wishes to his wife and children.   At first, it seems like Doug is giving away his property for his family to inherit. With so many apartments and buildings being given to them, the nurse is astonished and compliments the hard-working man.   Then, his family tells her a different story.   Read on below:       Haha! I hope this brought a smile to your face. If you cracked a smile, be sure to share it with your...

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This Parrot Has So Much Fun Playing With Its Favorite Toy: A Paper Towel

When you have some playtime with your dog, you tend to grab a tennis ball and play fetch with them. With your cat? They tend to like to climb up and around those cat trees you set aside for them. Each pet has their own specific go-to toy. Who would’ve known a caique parrot, one of the smartest animals, able to mimic speech and song, would have this as its favorite toy: a paper towel.   Watch how excited this parrot gets as its owner lays a paper towel for it on the ground. It’s hilarious and incredibly cute...

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