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Hilarious Tweets Prove That No Parent Is Perfect

You can study, you can prepare, and you can do as much research as humanly possible, but you will never be truly ready or prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood. There is a massive industry out there geared towards helping you in any possible way, either in the form of books, seminars, and even online self-help videos among other sources. All this to say that while we always try our best, we can never be fully prepared. It doesn’t make us bad parents; if anything, it makes us human. One of the many downsides of being human is that...

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9 Dads That Are Dominating The Parenting Game

Parenting isn’t easy, and sometimes only love is stopping you from murdering a mischievous child. It’s years of dedication, devotion, teaching, mishaps, and messes and your reward is grey hair and a lot less sleep. However, moments like this definitely make it worth it. They also remind you that even though your kids grow up, they will always be your baby. Here are nine dads engaging in some awesome parenting and giving out some dad dotage to their kids, much to the delight of said kids and mom who happens to be filming. Most of us love our parents,...

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13 Incredible Stroller Hacks To Make A Mom's Life Easier

If you’re a parent with little ones around, life is a never ending chore. Not only do you have work, but you have to make sure the kids are healthy, safe, clean, well educated, and managed. There’s playdates, and walks, and chores, and grocery shopping, and other activities that can leave one exhausted by nightfall. Parents around the world have become excellent task managers as a result of this busy time in their lives and thanks to the internet, great and simple solutions are being embraced by even more parents. Not all of these stroller hacks will be right...

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30 Funny Parents Who Win At Parenting

These parents have nailed down formidable techniques of parenting. From trolling their children to make a point, or using technology against them, these parents win at parenting. #1. This father teaching his girls a valuable lesson. via imgur #2. This will make sure you never miss curfew again. via imgur #3. Or this dad who made his daughter wear this lovely t-shirt to school for a week for breaking curfew. via imgur #4. His son wanted “cold hard cash” for his birthday. via imgur #5. This mother teaching her children the value of hard work. via raja9099.tumblr.com #6. There...

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