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ISIS Killed His Wife In Paris, But His Response Is Blowing People Away

Antoine Leiris is a Parisian and a new father who tragically lost his wife Helene in the recent Paris Attacks. She was one of the many innocent victims at the Bataclan music venue. This stirring and emotional tribute to his wife was posted on Facebook and has been making the rounds on social media. While he is upset, he addresses ISIS telling them that they will not have his hatred. In fact, he almost pities them. Knowing that they want him to respond with anger, he refuses to stoop to their horrific level. His thoughtful and poetically beautiful post...

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Amazing Moment Between Father And Son During An Interview At A Paris Attacks Memorial

What happened recently in Paris shocked the world. There has been an outpouring of condolences and support to the French people, and the world has mourned the loss of innocent life. At a memorial service in France, Le Petit Journal interviewed an adorable young boy and his father about the attacks. At one point, it becomes clear the boy is afraid that they will have to change houses and the ensuing conversation and reassurances he gets from his calm father amount to a life-changing moment caught on film. It’s an example of truly amazing and responsible parenting. By the...

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