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Woman Writes Moving Facebook Post After Finding Disabled Veteran Crying in Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Time and time again, we hear stories about how poorly our veterans are treated. But this story might take the cake. Morgan Wheeler was at her local Wal-Mart when she found a disabled veteran in the parking lot. She was heartbroken when she heard his life story, and she knew she had to help. Read the full story down below. I walked out of Wal Mart today and got in my car. As I began to pull out, I had to wait for a man in a wheelchair to… Posted by Morgan Wheeler on Wednesday, 3 June 2015 Comments Facebook...

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Elderly Woman Buys Milk For Mom That Spilled Hers In The Parking Lot

Going grocery shopping with children can be a very difficult task. Especially when they are tired. When this mom from Essexville, Michigan, decided to shop on New Year’s Eve, she barely escaped the Meijer grocery store with a meltdown from her two tired boys.   However, what she couldn’t escape, was the spill accident that ensued shortly afterwards.   The mother spilled her milk when she was placing items into her car, and was on the verge of crying since she knew her sons needed their milk tonight. As she was cleaning up and putting her cart away, an...

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Moose Spends 9 Hours In A Lowe's Parking Lot To Give Birth To Her Calf

Shoppers in Anchorage, AK, were treated to quite the unusual event in the Lowe’s parking lot when a moose was spotted, collapsed on the ground.   Katherine Warren said she alerted security of Lowe’s when she spotted it with her family. The Lowe’s staff responded immediately and created a safe fence around the moose with traffic cones. Shortly afterwards, everyone realized what was going on. The moose was in labor!   The families going through the Lowe’s parking lot accommodated for the moose by making a detour to get to their cars. Some stood by to watch the amazing...

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