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Anesthesiologists Sing Hilarious Parody of Neil Sedaka Song Called “Waking Up Is Hard to Do”

Doctors aren’t usually known for their sense of humor—or their singing skills—but these five male nurses are making everyone bust a gut with this hilarious cover!   A group of four certified registered nurse anesthetists, dubbed “The Laryngospasms,” formed a musical parody group to crack jokes about the funnier side of their profession.   But students at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia’s Christmas party didn’t expect this hilarious song when The Laryngospasms took the stage!   They sang a parody of Neil Sedaka’s famous song “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” called “Waking Up is Hard to Do” while...

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Young Farmers Create Parody Of Hit Pop Songs To Show Day-To-Day Lives

Being a farmer is no simple task, and these three young farmers – Greg, Nathan, and Kendal – know that’s the case.   To show the world about the daily activities of a farmer, the three farmers known as the Peterson Farm Bros, rewrites the lyrics of popular songs: “Watch Me” by Silento, “Hit The Quan” by ILoveMemphis and “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, to give a hilarious parody that is both highly creative and entertaining for us to watch.   As the mashup happens in the video, the three brothers show various farm activities that they do on...

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