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'Gummy Glasses' Will Make Your Party Extra Sweet

Were there one drawbacks to gummy bears… Actually, we can’t think of any. Gummy bears are perfect and delicious. The only problem is if you don’t eat sugar or gelatin and therefore don’t know about the yummy goodness. As a result, many people have gone on quests of self-discovery in order to create new and improved kinds of gummies. Whether you want to make gummies alcoholic or not is entirely up to personal preference, but this is an ingenious compromise. Ditch the solo cups we all have memories of from college, and make way for gummy glasses. Put any...

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Transform And Roll Out The Birthday Cake!

A truck, a tank, a fighter jet; these are all well-known and entirely reasonable things one would expect a Transformer to turn into (and do not pick on the fighter jet one because it can and will find you anywhere). While many folks can remember and recall fun toys of their childhood being made of brightly colored plastic, here we have a vid that shows a transformation with a most unusual material; a birthday cake. After blowing out the candles, this young birthday boy and his party-going friends get the surprise of their adolescent lives by seeing his cake...

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Last Known 9/11 Rescue Dog Celebrates Her 16th Birthday

With the events of September 11, 2001 never far from people’s minds around this time of year, it’s often simultaneously helpful and hurtful to look back on the people and moments that made that day what it was. For better in the case of the good, and indeed worse in the case of the bad. On this most somber of days though, we have a clearly sweet illustration of the former; the great and adorable story of Bretagne, a gorgeous golden retriever search and rescue dog with FEMA. Bretagne is the last known living search and rescue dog who...

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The World Famous Marnie Is Turning 5. His Reaction To Receiving Gifts Is Just Adorable.

Ah, birthdays. Who doesn’t love celebrating another year on this earth with delicious food and lots of gifts? We’ve all been to birthday parties for friends and family (usually with the obligatory birthday song while the birthday boy or girl sits there like a deer in the headlights), but here we have a rare insight into the birthday celebrations of birds. Parrots, cockatoos, and cockatiels to be exact. Marnie and her feathered friends are celebrating her turning five years old! The party comes complete with tasty treats and lots of new toys. There is also a lot of cuteness...

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Raccoon Shows His Nervous Brother How To Swim

When it’s summertime, the kid on the street with a pool in his backyard becomes a popular guy indeed. The problem is when the pool gets a little too popular, especially with the wildlife. Here we have a couple of raccoons that have decided to saunter on up for a bit of a splash. True, they may look a bit timid at first, but that doesn’t last too long for these little guys. Our furry friends make for a cute swimming pair on what must surely have been a sweltering day. These raccoons prove in one of the most...

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