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Pastor Checks Every Flooded Car After Hurricane Harvey to Make Sure No People Are Trapped Inside

You never know how you’ll react in a disaster. Some people think of others, and some people only think of themselves. Brian K. Robertson II was spotted a man going through all the cars he could find in a flooded street after Hurricane Harvey. He approached him and asked what he was doing, and when he heard the reason, he had to take a picture and share it. Read the full story down below. HELP ME FIND HIM!!! Earlier this morning my nephew Governor Brian K Roberson II took these pictures off 288. The man… Posted by Tera Stidum...

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Pastor Skips Church To Play Golf, Gets The Perfect Punishment From God

When it comes to a good day with the perfect temperature, all you want to do is be outside.   Take this pastor as an example, on a beautiful picture-perfect Sunday, all he wanted to do was play golf. Unfortunately for him, he had a commitment to Sunday service he had to give.   So, when the pastor decided to skip the church service, God gave him the perfect punishment.   Read below:         I guess that pastor definitely got what was coming to him. Chuckled? Be sure to share it with your friends and family....

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Church Was Going To Close Due To Inadequate Parking Space, Until A Man Knocks On Their Door

This story was shared by Pastor Ed Delph from The Glendale Star.   It involved a new church that was going to be built. Unfortunately, the new church that was built did not have enough parking space and was not allowed to be run until it doubled the space.   The problem was that the church had used every inch of their space except for the last piece in which a mountain occupied.   With the likely event of closing the church, the members prayed and hoped for the best.   And then, this happened.       I...

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