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Gray Wolf's Life Is Changed After Leaving Roadside Zoo For Good

This gray wolf named Bear, was kept in captivity in a roadside zoo where he would spend his life in a concrete and chainlink cage. Unaware of his living conditions, all we could tell from looking at him, is that he was suffering. Fortunately, Bear’s life completely changed when the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) decided to stand up for the gray wolf.   Bear was initially living at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania called Animaland Zoological Park. As you may already know, wolves like to live in packs and share close bonds with one another. This wasn’t the...

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Coma Victim's Class Recreates Graduation For Him

High school graduation is an important coming-of-age ritual, especially for those who live in a small town. Towns don’t get much smaller than Fayette Township, Pennsylvania. With a population of less than 3300 people, high school graduation is a can’t-miss event. Unfortunately for senior Scott Dunn, he did miss it. Having recently been in a car crash, Dunn was in a coma when the graduation took place. Naturally, he was pretty bummed when he found out. Thankfully, his classmates felt his absence too and wanted to give him a second shot at the ceremony. Half of his class gathered...

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