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Owner Tells His Dog He Went to the Pet Store and Got Him a New Kitten, the Following Conversation Is Hilarious

When you think of cats and dogs, the first thing that comes to mind is – they don’t get along. In reality, this isn’t the case sometimes. In fact, dogs and cats can actually get along quite well. Just like us, animals want to have friends too. I’m sure there are times where you’ve looked at your pet and gone “they’re definitely asking for a new friend to bring home” or maybe “I’m hungry” are the words you imagine coming out of their mouths. Obviously pets can’t talk, but this owner decided it would be hilarious if he recorded...

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Cockatoo Can’t Contain Excitement When Noticing Owner Coming Home from Work

Onni is a one-year-old umbrella cockatoo who adores his human dad and always waits for him to come home from work everyday. Just watch what he does when his owner walks up the driveway after coming home from work. Onni can barely contain himself! And when his dad walks through the front door of his house, Onni flies right over with wings open to affectionally greet him. The two of them begin to tease mom and it’s just so cute! Onni is a common Finnish name that means “luck” and “happiness” and it’s clear to see in the video...

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Aquapaw – Bathe Your Pet With The Palm Of Your Hand

The Aquapaw is a strap-on hose attachment that lets you bathe your pet with the palm of your hand. To use it, simply attach it to your house and strap it on your hand. Then, to turn it on, make a fist and the water will begin to spray. Now, you can effectively clean your pet while maintaining control with your hand. Watch the demo below:     Available here: http://bit.ly/2lNqKnv Wash your pet with the palm of your hand! Posted by GoodGood Gifts – Unique Gift Ideas on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Where To Buy Aquapaw Bathing Tool...

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Teen Warns People Of The Serious Consequences When Petting Service Dogs Without Permission

Hailey Ashmore, a teen from Dallas, suffers from several conditions including: epilepsy, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia, severe allergies, gastroparesis, and asthma.   Due to these conditions, Ashmore relies on the assistance of her service dog: Flynn.   “To get a service dog you must be disabled to the point where you can no longer function at a normal quality of life without the assistance of service dogs,” said Hailey.   It’s clear to Hailey that a service dog is much more important to its owner than any other ordinary dog. It’s her lifeline.   “It...

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Dog’s Brothers Rat Her Out When Their Mom Asks Who Made The Mess

Man’s best friend is the most loyal species on Earth, right? Well, maybe to man himself. But when it comes to siblings relationship, dogs don’t fall much shorter than us.   In this hilarious video, a dog named Maggie is ganged up on by her two brothers who rat on her to their owner and leave her to suffer the consequences.   When dog mom came home and found the mess, she instantly went to the sources, and demanded for who was responsible. Amazingly, this one demand would reveal the stone cold truth. Watch the cute reaction...

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